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Alicia Haeger

Esthetics Aesthetician

  • My Sign


  • Favorite music, artist, genre

I honestly love all music. I don't think there is one type that I can think of. It really depends on my mood. Jazz, acid jazz, reggae, oldies, classic rock, heavy metal, classical, pop.... All of it. There is beauty in all music!

  • Why Pineapple?

The community at Pineapple is beautiful and feels like home whenever I am there. It is a warm and welcoming environment that I am honored to be a part of!

  • Who or what motivates you?

My family. Especially my mom. She is a strong woman who taught me how to be strong, yet kind. My husband is my biggest supporter and am so blessed to have a partner who supports my dreams and goals.
What or who motivates you? My faith also is a huge factor for me. My relationship with Christ is what keeps me going every day.

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