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Amy Ayers

Director of Personalized Wellness

  • mi signo


  • Música favorita, artista, género.

80s/90s/00s Rock in the car -Hard/Heavy Rock (Tool/Linkin Park), “High School” Rap (Ying Yang Twins/Lil Wayne/Tech N9ne), or EDM (Avicii/David Guetta)

  • ¿Por qué piña?

I love exploring ways to make fitness fun for people & have them excited to come back for more. Pineapple mirrors that exact intention! Through the community involvement to constantly asking members their feedback, we are driven by helping others feel good! Such an awesome feeling!

  • ¿Quién o qué te motiva?

My kids motivate me. They are my “why” every single day. So many play a role of importance in my life, but no one tops them ❤️

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