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Christine Wilkinson

Rizzmic Instructor

  • My Sign


  • Favorite music, artist, genre

Hip hop/pop

  • Why Pineapple?

I would choose Pineapple Life over and over again. It is a warm community of authentic, caring, talented people. The culture is so unique, and I'm so blessed and grateful to be a part of it. Why Fitness? It's my passion...I love the joy and health benefits that come from dance. When you see one of your members light up in class when their favorite song comes on, just fills my life with light and positive energy.

  • Who or what motivates you?

Melain Blue, the creator of Rizzmic. She has an authentic warm spirit that lights up a room. She is also incredibility resilient against negativity, she refuses to let it get her down and it only makes her more determined to succeed.

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