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Why Should You Not Take Ibuprofen If You Have Asthma

According to ibuprofens package insert, you shouldnt take it if you have experienced asthma, urticaria , or an allergic reaction after taking an NSAID. If you have asthma and are aspirin-sensitive, using these products may cause. If you have ever had an allergic or asthmatic reaction to these drugs, you should never take them again. But if you are over 40 and have taken ibuprofen with no problems, the risk in taking it again is very small. As a rule, asthmatics should use paracetamol.

If you really need ibuprofen, be aware of any effect it has on your asthma. If you ever feel it makes it worse, do. People with asthma should not use ibuprofen if they have an alternative. In one out of five people with asthma, it can cause worsening symptoms, which may need immediate treatment. If.

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