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  • Spirit in the Holiday's

    As the holidays approach, we often find ourselves missing those who are no longer with us. Let this event assure you, they have not disappeared and are sharing these holidays with you! Come experience one of the most profound afternoons of magic and love as the process of mediumship reunites us with those on the Other Side. Listen as loved ones in spirit reveal who they are, share memories of their lives here, and reveal that their love keeps us connected no matter where we are. These reunions bring hope and healing, letting us know that love is truly eternal and that death is really just an illusion and that we are surrounded by love, no matter the season. Please bring a yoga mat or be prepared to rent or purchase one in studio. *Cost: $65 per person. Pineapple monthly membership and Annual Pineapple members: $55 per person. Pineapple Monthly/Annual Members use promo code: PLMember at checkout.

  • Copy of 60 Minute Massage

    Escape from reality for an hour in the healthiest of ways within The Spa at Pineapple Life while enjoying a custom massage thoughtfully designed to relax muscles, melt anxiety, and deeply calm. As you lay relaxing in our stunning salt-accented room, you'll experience the warmth of our amethyst infused (13 pounds of these amazing crystals!) PEMF therapy blanket. Massages are a wonderful way to show your body appreciation for all it does, to boost immunity and to improve mental health. To create the ultimate relaxation experience we recommend a yoga class and an infrared sauna session prior. Not a requirement, just a wonderful upgrade, if your time permits.

  • Volleyball

    Volleyball requires a wide range of motion in the shoulders, hips, and ankles. Pineapple Life instructors will incorporate dynamic stretching, mobility exercises, and yoga to improve flexibility, prevent injuries, and maintain mobility. With a focus on core strength and stability and upper body strength and endurance, our guidance will allow optimization of every aspect of athletic performance. Choose from our stunning salt studio or your facility. Pricing begins at $69 and each session is customizable. Please reach out to: for questions and or assistance.

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