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  • Tarot Express (3 Card Reading)

    Tarot is an ancient, divine tool that uses mystic symbolism to reflect our subconscious mind like a mirror. When the cards are interpreted with our intuition, we are given insights to our current situations & advice on how to move forward. Through regular consultation, the Tarot can help you work through negative cycles, confusion, emotional blockages, & bring awareness to thought patterns. If you have a true passion to seek understanding, Tarot will expand your path of self discovery in profound ways. Each Reading begins with a short, centering meditation & optional smudging session. This is an Express 15 Minute Reading; In this quick session, we will interpret a 3-card spread. This is a great option for those who are curious to see a general overview of the path they’re on. Be prepared to confront personal challenges as the Tarot often brings difficult emotions to surface. This is necessary work- only by fully acknowledging our present situations & making space for our authentic feelings can we fully process them & begin healing. Please bring an open mind & heart. A journal is highly recommended.

  • Couples Sound Healing Massage

    To Purchase via your mind body account, Please follow this link:

  • Summer Camp July 26th-30th/ All Day

    Kids Summer Camp 2021 Calling all kids! Our mission: let's get active outside! Aloha! Welcome to our July 26th-30th, All Day camp! Our week long camp begins mornings from 9:00am and goes until 4:00pm in the afternoon, from Monday until Friday. Our camp activities include: -Outdoor Games and activities -Daily Physical Exercise -Interactive lessons of kindness + acceptance -Take home crafts -Encouragement and focus on building self confidence -Nature Walks + Exploration -Grand Finale "Flight Friday Aerial Yoga Party " inside Pineapple Life Studio! Pineapple Summer Camps specialize in fun and building self confidence by actively listening to each child and gearing the day's activities off of the "vibe" of the group. Not all campers are the same and we want each child to have an amazing and memorable time. Our camp counselors actively interact with each child and will engage them in age appropriate outdoor activities, crafts and exercise through active play. Each day will include discussions of self worth, self care and the importance of kindness and acceptance. Our mission is to provide a safe space for children to be themselves and learn life long lessons that are presented in a memorable and interactive way. Summer camp Safety. We take the safety of our campers and staff extremely seriously. We want everyone to feel safe, comfortable and valued throughout their summer camp experience. We have taken additional safety measures to uphold our safety policies. -Each camper will be given a bag with their individual supplies as well as hand sanitizer at the beginning of camp. Nothing will be cross shared. -Our Pineapple Staff will closely monitor distance and insure proper sanitizing practices. -Activities will be outdoors in big, open spaces. -Please error on the side of extreme caution and do not send your campers if even a hint of illness. There will be zero tolerance and your child will be sent home. We offer Sibling Discounts: $25 off per sibling -Please use discount code: HappyCampers during checkout in the discount code. We offer a Multi Week Discount: $50 off per child, per extra week (must be booked together). Use discount code BestSummer during checkout in the discount code. If you have any questions regarding safety, rates or times, or anything else, please contact us at We are happy to help!

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