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  • Team Wellness Day

    Treat your team to an experience they'll remember as well as benefit from for the long run. Pineapple Life's professional and experienced team offers everything from yoga and fitness classes, personalized health screenings and evaluations, to on site massage and spa services, corporate mapping and sound healing sessions. Let us help your teams feel motivated, energized, and ready to perform at their optimal potential! Our wellness concierges will work directly with you to make this event be specifically tailored to your goals. Cost: $99. per team member. Please reach out to our Workplace events coordinator for additional assistance:

  • InBody Assessment

    Welcome! Kickstart your new membership trial with a complimentary personalized assessment. Receive a full result sheet print out measuring your body composition, muscle, and water levels with the accuracy of gold standard methods with this state of the art InBody machine. Our certified trainer will help create a customized wellness plan based on your results and goals. InBody Scan appointments take approximately 20-25 min for scan & consultation. Please contact us at with any questions. Please follow these simple steps before your InBody scan to ensure consistent testing conditions and the most accurate results: -DO maintain your normal fluid intake the day before -DO remove any socks or pantyhose -DO remove all heavy accessories like jewelry, watches, and jackets -DO use the restroom before

  • Warm Bamboo Massage

    A warm bamboo massage is something you'll be so glad you experienced. Warm bamboo incorporates the elements of heat & earth into your massage, leaving you feeling grounded and wonderful. Similar to a deep tissue/ Swedish massage, but instead of practitioner only using their hands, they utilize the roll of the bamboo sticks. The heat of the sticks allow muscles to relax even more, in turn inviting the pressure of bamboo to sink in deeper than a typical massage. This is excellent for circulation, relaxation, tension, joint pain & clarity of mind. The bamboo itself has benefits for the skin, as bamboo extract contains silica, helping your skin to absorb essential minerals, giving your skin a healthy glow. An all around amazing experience we are delighted to offer in The Spa at Pineapple Life. To create the ultimate relaxation experience we recommend a yoga class and an infrared sauna session prior. Not a requirement, just a wonderful upgrade, if your time permits.

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  • Spa | Pineapple Life | Snoqualmie, Washington

    Pineapple Spa Servic e s Schedule Your Spa Services – Dive deep into our unique spa offerings, taking a moment away from the world's hustle to reconnect with yourself. Enjoy all that Pineapple Spa has to offer Schedule Now

  • Voted best Hot Yoga Studio | Pineapple Life Yoga | Washington, Snoqualmie |

    Bienvenidos a Mind-Body Bienestar con Aloha Join Us On A Studio Tour New to Pineapple Life, yoga or Wellness? Let us welcome you to our community/Ohana! Every level from beginner and beyond is welcome here! Our pricing Pineapple Life, Snoqualmie Wa. "Voted best yoga studio" - 425 Magazine. b est hot yoga studio for beginners Snoqualmie Gift Cards + Upcoming Events Pineapple Life Gift Card Harmony Within. Come nourish your soul Buti Yoga! Vinyasa + Vino Beginner’s Singing Bowl Certification Whiskey Wind Down, Couples Workshop Soundbath at Chism Beach Park, Bellevue Summer Floating Soundbath Show More We love our Pineapple Members right back!

  • WORKPLACE WELLNESS | Pineapple Life

    Workplace Wellness Optimizing your teams' health Pineapple Life delivers certified wellness instructors with hands-on guidance right to your workplace, creating a wellness escape that transports your team to a state of positivity, focus, and thriving! Going Beyond Employee Engagement As lea ders, we must care for our teams. Investing in your employees’ mind + body health shows them you care in the very best of ways. ​ Choo se from ou r quarterly lunch and learn sessions, classes and/or wellness days. Designed to empower employees with tools to improve both physical and mental health, through movement, breathwork, and mindfulness, we'll unlock the secrets of harnessing your body's energy and achieving a state of true wellness. *Interactive Session *Accessible guided movement *Relatable tips for mindfulness *Breath work ​ Team Check in Team Check-in View Availablity A transformative workshop designed to empower with accessible tools for calming anxiety, boosting focus, and enhancing brain health. In this workshop, we dive deep into the teachings of mindfulness and meditation, exploring the profound benefits they offer in today's fast-paced world. *Discover how to cultivate a state of present-moment awareness *Gain practical insights into incorporating mindfulness into your daily routine. *Enhance your mental resilience and foster a positive work environment. Meditation 101 Lunch + Learn Meditation 101: Finding Peace In Today's World View Availablity The world is heavy at the moment. All of your employees are undoubtedly experiencing this in their own ways. We are here to help provide mind/body wellness through yoga, fitness, mindfulness and resiliency training. Group Yoga Class Group Yoga Class View Availablity Teams Balanced By Pineapple Life’s Workplace Wellness Connect with us Name Email Leave us a message... Submit Mahalo- Thank you for submitting, we will be in touch soon!

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