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Derek Koo

Yoga Instructor

  • mi signo


  • Música favorita, artista, género.

Any music that with a catchy tune or a good melody.

  • ¿Por qué piña?

At first, it was the Himalayan salt wall. But after visiting the studio more and meeting more people, I started loving the energy in class, the warmth and welcoming vibe, and the sense of community and family at the studio. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to serve the yoga community here.
Who motivate you?

  • ¿Quién o qué te motiva?

My Yogi/Hiker/Foodie Bunch. I met a group of yogis who share the same interests as I before the pandemic. During the lockdown we became very close and kept motivating each other to be active…hiking, running, practicing yoga, paddle boarding,… and of course outdoor picnics (got to have food). Without them, I would had a much tougher time during the lockdown and wouldn’t had kept up with my daily asana practice.

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