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Workplace Wellness  

Optimizing your teams' health

Pineapple Life delivers certified wellness instructors with hands-on guidance right to your workplace, creating a wellness escape that transports your team to a state of positivity, focus, and thriving!

Workplace Wellness

Going Beyond Employee Engagement 

As leaders, we must care for our teams. Investing in your employees’ mind + body health shows them you care in the very best of ways.

Choose from our quarterly lunch and learn sessions, classes and/or wellness days.


Designed to empower employees with tools to improve both physical and mental health, through movement, breathwork, and mindfulness, we'll unlock the secrets of harnessing your body's energy and achieving a state of true wellness.


*Interactive Session

*Accessible guided movement

*Relatable tips for mindfulness

*Breath work


Team Check in

Team Check-in


A transformative workshop designed to empower with accessible tools for calming anxiety, boosting focus, and enhancing brain health. In this workshop, we dive deep into the teachings of mindfulness and meditation, exploring the profound benefits they offer in today's fast-paced world.


*Discover how to cultivate a state of present-moment awareness

*Gain practical insights into incorporating mindfulness into your daily routine.

*Enhance your mental resilience and foster a positive work environment.

Meditation 101 Lunch + Learn

Meditation 101:

Finding Peace In

Today's World

Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 1.19.39 PM.png

The world is heavy at the moment. All of your employees are undoubtedly experiencing this in their own ways. We are here to help provide mind/body wellness through yoga, fitness, mindfulness and resiliency training. 

Group Yoga Class

Group Yoga Class

Teams Balanced By Pineapple Life’s Workplace Wellness
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